Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Why attend Social Enterprise Summit (SES)?


Attend with renowned social entrepreneurship leaders

With over 10 years of experience in promoting and supporting the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, SES understands what social innovators need, how to be more effective, and how to explore opportunities. Every year, we invite global, regional and local speakers to address the summit covering on the topics of social issues, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and the corresponding trends.

Explore future opportunities 

The summit provides abundant opportunities to meet and interact with other international, regional and local social entrepreneurs; discuss the growth and development; explore the collaboration.

Plan short and long-term strategies for business growth

You will find new ideas and simulations from our keynote speeches, thematic and symposium sessions, workshops, tours and other activities. The new inspirations could be applicable to your businesses forming short and long-term strategies. Moreover, You will find the solutions to "business for social good": social enterprises , B Corps, creating shared values and so on.

Stay tuned to up-to-date news

The summit provides you with the latest news, practical cases and academic researches of the latest trends, strategies and insights on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.